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Das folgende Interview wurde von Giosue D'Implezzeri aus Taranto / Italien geführt. Die italienische Fassung erschien im Frühjahr 2002 unter anderem auf dem Portal DanceWeb.

Welcome to TDW: who is Gianni Parrotta ?? Talk about your life and your music...

me is gianni: 50% calabria and 50% germania. my life – this would take months to write down. We’ll better not bore your readers with this…

How do you start to produce techno music ?? For u, now it's better easy produce electronic-sound than few years ago ?

I was active in the cracker- and demoscene in the late 80ies with crews like legion of doom, sentry netherlands, animal mine and some more doing some grafix: logos, fonts and that kind of stuff. I did also some experimental things with protracker creating weird computer-game-styled sounds – but they never really sounded good…
1992 sentry released a demo called nut-house, and it featured a megamix of that times technoclassix – and it was just this track that made me affinitive to techno and advanced dance music! From then on, I worked with trackers to create techno, trance and hardcore. 1996 my first record was released: dj index “sorcery ep”. Today, I work 50% with propellerheads reason (great software by the way), and 50% in raphael contius really great artlab studio. Producing with reason means great bandwidth and 90% of the possibilities of a studio, but in some kinds typing loops with a tracker was more inspiring than lousy sequencing in cubase vst. A tracker ist just something for programmers – and that’s what I call creating techno – making music is something else. In the last 10 years, I did some thousand techno & house loops, hundreds of trax but surely not more than 10 songs worth calling “music”. Techno is a tool for deejays to make people on the dancefloor happy – but not music. Music means something else. I think so….

Who was your idol to follow ?? Kraftwerk ??

thanx not. Then I would be one of the other 10000 guys that always pray about kraftwerk and the techno-roots they never saw… I’m fucked up with 18-year olds telling me the “true” story of kraftwerk and techno. But the roots weren’t only kraftwerk and in the 80ies ebm – there was also disco and electronica like hot butter playing “popcorn” simple synth-pop a long time before kraftwerk made such experiments.
If you ask for musicians that influenced me at that time I started making sound, I should mention jochen hippel, rob hubbard, tim moss and chris huelsbeck who all made soundtracks for demos and games on c64, cpc, amiga and atari st. then, I was (and still am) a great fan of jean michael jarre, I love how he can send you on a journey – not just entertaining for minutes but for hours and hours. There are some records showing his studio of 1976: this was pure analogical techno!
Then I should maybe mention angelo badalamenti, samuel barber, vivaldi, wagner and such stuff. Those who see the connection to deeper dance music understand what techno is for me!
But these all are not idols for me… idols don’t exist.

Your name makes to think Italy: have u a dj set in Italy ?? Do u like it ??

I only visited cleopatra in pietrapaola calabria, the town my father comes from. Very huge and open air, but not comparable to german techno underground. But I would like very much deejaying in italy as the bandwidth seems to be very more spread as in germany: here you have exactly 1 style per deejay. I saw a playlist of gigi d’agostino featuring dancefloor as well as real techno from ural13dictators and vitalic… that’s impossible in germany – the dancefloor-people cant understand techno and the underground-people hate dancefloor.

Your label is called Thunderground: talk about it and about artist. What is the reason for create a personal label ??

I did so many unreleased trax and it was hard to find a label at that time with sounds that sounded not that clear and professional – due to the amiga-producing-technology. So I just had to do the label to release my sound. One other reason was, that 1997 I was fucked up with organising parties and clubs for different reasons and stopped doing this – but I had to have a “mission”, my “own thing” – and this was thunderground…
Because of this history, most releases were done by me, except for some trax by my good pal arcangelo manigrasso, ted björling from sweden who released his first vinyl on tgr – and now really blasts on various great labels. Frakmatik, a young german artist had his also first release last autumn and it was a great success – hard techno with a very unique feeling in it. Hard to explain, just great. Jonathan selander from sweden will do some trax in the future.

You produce many records but what is the best for sale ?? Probably "Spermafleck" ??

exactly. Spermafleck originally was manufactured only 1200 times, but independence france licenced it for an own compilation. Then bmg france licenced it for ultra techno 8 and ultra techno anthology (featuring only all-time classix! I was the only unknown artist on that compilation!) compilation, wich was sold about 70.000 times - so this was by far the most sold record. Even the remixes released 2000 did very well. Then, the other 2 records of the porno-triology did very well: total ficken and lord porno were very good sold on vinyl, especially in japan, southern america and the u.s.a.

Do u like a collaboration with italian label for a new releases ??

I’d love to ! there is sooo much sound waiting on my harddisks for releasing – so everybody is free to contact me ! it would be also a great thing for my father who would like it very much seeing his son beeing present in italy too…..

About Italy: do u know italian techno and italian dj's ?? What do u think about it ?? Do u like it ??

Italians do it better, you know. Madonna knew …

On march 2001 will be release a cool production called "Diskopizzeria" (few mounth ago is re-press again on Definition Records with remixes): why this curious name ??

I grew up above my fathers pizzeria. We heard music all day – you may can imagine the volume – and this pissed one of my neighbours totally off. One day, he shouted over the street: “hey parrotta stop your diskopizzeria or I’ll call police”. We didn’t stop – he called police (but they also didn’t stop us…) and now diskopizzeria is the deep minimal side of gianni parrotta. Due to some errors in premastering, the remixes of the latest track “baroness” that was only spread 300times all around the world, will be out some time delayed this summer featuring 2 great remixes by marcin czubala from poland and rino cerrone – who is very very popular in germany!

And now we talk about your new-releases: after "Lord Porno" what are the new productions that will be release on spring or next summer ??

on thunderground, the next smash will be “punish your machines part 1”, which is just 1 sample I gave to ted björling and jonathan selander from sweden and to frakmatik who made a fantastic debut last autumn. I also made a track from that sample – and so now there are 4 complete different tracks all made of 1 single sample. Not a remix-project but more a project of 4 unique producers dealing the same basis – and: the tracks are great – with a very wide bandwidth: from groove tech-house to really hard industrial stuff…. It will be out worldwide via neuton distribution on 13.6.2002.
After the summer-break new releases wait: a new 3-tracker from ted björling, another frakmatik release and something typical stuff from me…
on diskopizzeria trax there is a third release – but as I did with the last “diskopizzeria: baroness”, this will be only offered limited to 300 copies to very few record stores worldwide without any further promotion . release date: top secret for sure….

For u, the real techno is only for a clubs or also for a charts ??

a track is good or its not! If it is a great track, I play it 10 years (like vapour space or robert armani’s circus bells) and if its shit, I even wont play it if everyone else plays it and it’s no.1 in the charts. I don’t mind charts. I mind good sounds and trax!

What are the best techno producer (of all world) for u ?? Why ??

certainly richie hawtin, whome I respect for doing really unique and great work for such a long time. Most techno producers do have 1 or 2 great trax or ideas – but not great work along for years and years. Today, you can play system7 or spastik as if it’s a brand new track: the crowd loves it. Bad techno does not survive, hawtin-trax survive for decades…
Also to mention: aphex twin, moby, hardfloor (ramon zenker), underworld and some more I do not have in mind right now. But there are only few good producers, most vinyl out is shit.

Mp3 and free music on the web: what do you think about this problem?? What is the cause??

For us vinylists mp3 is not a problem – even final scratch won’t destroy vinyl market – it is a great thing but not a follower. But for all those making millions with cd’s: fuck you! techno will eat you now! Virgin, sony and so on are hurt by mp3, idealistic underground labels don’t work for the money but for their ideals and their “mission”. I spread all my releases on my labels and own releases on other releases directly via mp3 and feeling great seeing the trax available in networks like audiogalaxy or napster etc. my music is for everyone and everyone should have the possibility to listen to it.

What do you think about TDW?? It's a interesting virtual journal?? What do you think the techno-writer (GIO!!!) ??

I think, tdw is also a „mission“. Without ideals and people living for them sparing a lot of time for their dreams, the world would be even worse. It is such projects that gives so much life the the dance-underground – the heart and the soul of the musicscene that doesn’t only exist of good trax. And I really do respect everyone deeply from my hart doing an idealistic mission! Great thing, keep it going on !

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